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About Us

The honest, healthy, and safe food.

Young farmers aim for the honest, healthy, and safe food, Ultimately the right lifestyle.
Young Farmers grow Achyranthes by ourselves at the farm and 400 m above sea level, located in Bongyang-eup, Jecheon, which is the home of medicinal herbs and the best place for cultivating wild herbs. We produce not only ‘Achyranthes Japonica Essence’ but also other products such as Herbal Fermented Vinegar, Health Essence, Home Brewing Kit, Herbal Rice Cookies, and Honey.
Oganic Products
  • 2016
    Established Young Farmers
  • 2017
    Opened a store at Jecheon Oriental Expo
  • 2018
    German Cert Quality Management System ISO9001
    Patent Registration No. 10-2110847 (Dual container assembly for mixing heterogeneous materials)
    Design Registration No. 30-1006822 (Packaging box)
    Trademark Registration No. 40-1577312 (ORNLIFE)
  • 2019
    HACCP No. 2019-6-9045 (Fermented vinegar)
    German Cert Environmental Management System ISO14001
  • 2020
    Approved as an R&D Institute by the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA)
    Approved as a Venture Business by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO)
    Achyranthes Japonica Essence was certified as a Halal Food by the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF)
  • 2021
    Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000